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By Jeanett Szyszka


While dropping a chai tea pod into the Verismo machine this morning and watching it brew in less than 30 seconds, my mind began to fantasize of last fall when nothing needed to be so immediate. Upon waking up at 6 a.m., I threw on my headlamp after a nice long stretch in the tent, boiled some water to stir up two hot mochas, and woke my partner before she missed nature’s good morning.


As we sat in our camp chairs watching the sunrise with our best friend and guardian, Cole, I couldn’t help but think we had found our favorite camping spot at Mousetail Landing State Park in Linden, Tenn.



Once the coffee set in and our breakfast of champions was consumed (sweet potato hash, eggs, and bacon) we suited up Cole and hit the trails. On the way there, we stopped at the park office to grab some maps and also learned about the Civil War history of Mousetail. There were several adventures to pick from, but we chose the 3 Mile Day Use Hike since our pup gets worn out pretty quickly.



Some trips I decide not to take my camera on the trail, letting the experience be a shared moment between our family and focusing only on our time together. The second my foot touched the moss trails of Mousetail, I felt my imagination pull into a world of dragons, castles, and tiny elves. In reality, there are lots of Black Racer snakes who also enjoy the squishy, cool path, so keep your eyes peeled or your dog might try to make an unwanted new friend.



Words cannot describe the wonder of this park. You should consider staying here for a weekend if you’re looking for a quiet campsite with boating, hiking, picnicking, and bike paths. You’ll leave with a list of things to do next time and a craving for the Tennessee River wind.


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