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Crazy Owls Trail Maintenance Day at Percy Warner Park

The Crazy Owls is Cumberland Transit's trail running club that meets every Monday at 7pm at the Deep Well Entrance of Percy Warner Park.  We usually split up into groups to accommodate pace and distance.  If you want to get crazy one Monday night, come and join us.  Bring water and a headlamp.  And if the weather is gnarly, check our Instagram to make sure we are meeting.

We run the trails almost every week, so we decided it was time to help out and give our time to some good old fashioned trail maintenance.  All of us here at Cumberland Transit consider Percy Warner to be our backyard, adventure sanctuary.  It's very important to us to be good stewards of this place.

We met at the usual place, but this time it was daylight and we were wearing work clothes instead of our usual running attire.

Paul from Friends of Warner Parks maintains the trails at Percy Warner.  He was our crew chief for the day and planned work for us to do on the Warner Woods Trail.  When you see him out on the trails, give him a high five.  He's an awesome dude!  If you have been on the "white trail" during the winter, you know that it can definitely use some love.  There are a few sections that get really "soupy" muddy.

We spent the day using fire rakes to clear water bars and also added gravel to some of the really muddy sections.

Even with 10 volunteers and 3 hours, it didn't feel like we got much work done.  So if you enjoy these trails as much as we do, please consider becoming a member of Friends of Warner Parks.  We plan do to these trail maintenance days at least once a season, so if you want to help let us know.


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