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Learning The Wooly Bugger

This month we hosted an Intro to Fly Tying class right in our store here in Nashville. Nine participants came out with one mission: to tie their first fly. We started everyone off by giving them a tour of our Fly Shop where our resident fly fishing experts, Ronnie, M.E. and Ethan, went over what to expect when stepping into the Fly Shop including materials and tools. We know it can be overwhelming when you first start learning a new craft, but our staff at Cumberland Transit are always here to help.

After we discussed the different types of materials one may encounter in fly tying we got situated behind our vises. Everyone was provided the materials they needed to tie one Wooly Bugger, a classic fly pattern that offers a great range of techniques to learn when you are first starting out.

We hope everyone enjoyed coming out to the shop for this free event! If you missed it make sure to stay updated with our events on Facebook. Our next class is on September 27th (more info here), and spaces DO fill up. We’ll be offering Fly Tying classes every other Tuesday, and hope to add a 201 class for those who are ready to dive in deeper. If you attended the class we’d love to hear your feedback.


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