Cumberland Transit | 2807 West End Ave. Nashville, TN | 615-321-4069

Sept. 15 6:30-8PM -- KEEN + Cumberland Transit Present: Live Monumental in Nashville

Join KEEN Footwear with a an evening of FILMS, BEERS AND CHEERS! Please meet us at Cumberland Transit in Nashville at 6:30pm for the KEEN Footwear "Live Monumental" Pint & Movie Night! The KEEN Live Monumental film tour will feature three documentaries celebrating our nation's public lands. Beer will be on tap, along with a raffle-filled intermission! RSVP here!


Nine weeks and 7500 miles of canyons, petroglyphs, starry nights and breakdowns – KEEN Footwear’s 1976 Live Monumental RV embarks on a classic American road trip to protect the places we play. Teddy Roosevelt is the guiding star urging citizens and a gridlocked political system to create lasting change through the creation of five new national monuments. As the RV heads home, the Live Monumental movement continues driving immense support from a passionate public responding to Teddy’s message: “It is not what we have that will make us a great nation; it is the way in which we use it."
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In our modern busy world – we all seek a place of refuge. In the northeast corner of Alaska, there is such a place – the Last Great Wilderness – otherwise known as the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. For thousands of generations, the Gwich’in people have lived off of the Arctic Refuge, what they call “the Sacred Place Where Life Begins.” In a world that remains wholesome and beautiful – lives unique species like the musk oxen, caribou, polar bears and migratory birds. A place of refuge and wonder – but, it is under threat. At the edge of this Refuge, the world is burning – what we are taking from the land is far greater than what we are giving back. The eyes of the future are looking back at us – it is time to save this place once and for all.

The impact of our great natural spaces on humankind has been undeniable since the days of Thomas Moran. Follow painter Bruce Aiken, writer Kevin Fedarko, and photographer Amy Martin as they are immersed in humility surrounded by the Grand Canyon’s immense power as they explore natural springs, towering vertical walls, and the silty Colorado River as it flows through one of Earth’s treasures, the Grand Canyon.


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