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Bonnaroo Survival Guide!

Being located in Nashville, TN offers a lot of different yearly events, but one of our biggest is popular music festival Bonnaroo. Each year thousands flock to the 4 day long outdoor festival to hear some of their favorite bands play. If you're one of the lucky/brave ones attending this year be sure to stop by the store so you can be #VentureReady!

Bonnaroo Check List

1. SHELTER - We have a number of tent options in our shop ranging from single person on up. We love the Mirada Tarp Shelter for Bonnaroo! See more tents. 

2. HYDRATION - It's hot here in the south. Our Hydroflask collection will keep your water nice and cold all day long in high temperatures. 


3. Hammock - Ok, so there are no trees around to hang a hammock around, but that doesn't mean you can't find a solution. Check out our favorite inflatable hammock, the WindPouch. 



4. SUN PROTECTION - You're going to be outside all day long, so be sure to protect yourself from a sun burn that could ruin your day. 

5. Bandana - This is the perfect overachiever for your outdoor festival this summer. Getting hot? Dip it in cool water and drape it over your neck. Windy? Tie it over your face to keep dust out of your mouth and nose. And who could not love all the fun patterns and colors?

And as a bonus, here is our 6th recommendation for Bonnaroo: the GoGirl. Ladies, we know those porta potties are gross. Be sure to pick one of these up before you leave. You'll thank us. 



If you're going to Bonnaroo this weekend we hope you have an amazing time, stay hydrated and safe, and of course enjoy the music! 


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