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Bedrock Sandals Review

Bedrock Sandals

I had some amazing adventures this past year, and I knew before the departure date, I would need a new pair of solid water shoes.

I’d researched and checked several brands, but nothing quite featured the things I wanted while also having the traction I needed. That’s when I found Bedrock at Cumberland Transit. After researching and reading reviews, I bought a pair of Cairn 3D Pro Adventure sandals. (It didn’t hurt that most of the staff that day were sporting a pair. That’s a solid testimonial.) These sandals have been a game-changer, and I can’t imagine wearing any other water shoe.

My Bedrocks have walked through Yosemite trails and Middle Tennessee riverbeds, hiked at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, swam in the pools of Havasupai Falls and even navigated Cliff Tops in the Smokies. I trust them and their grip on just about any terrain.

On my recent rim-to-rim hike, I was beyond ready to be out of my boots with about two miles left in our hike to the bottom. I stopped and traded my boots for my Bedrock sandals, and they were the perfect breath of fresh air. I’ve also worn them fly fishing, and the grip is exceptional even on mossy, rocky riverbeds. They have great traction, they’re comfortable and they dry quickly.


I even wore them when I climbed down a precarious ladder/rocky edge on my way to Mooney Falls in Arizona, and they never faltered. I never had a doubt about their grip on any terrain, and they never slid or moved around on my feet. The top straps are adjustable making them easy to get on and off. I had that same confidence in them atop Mt. LeConte in the Smokies. I wore them to Cliff Tops (a rocky ledge at the top of the mountain) and again, felt completely capable in these shoes.

Honestly, I even wear them from time-to-time with sundresses. They’re comfortable, functional and cute. These sandals have been one of the best things I purchased this year, and I sing their praises to everyone I meet.



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