Have Blundstones. Will Travel.

Sometimes you just know. You’re scrolling, thinking about other things, or you see the foot of a stranger on the sidewalk and you just KNOW – those are the next shoes I’m going to buy. I don’t think I was consciously on the hunt for a pair of low-heeled brown leather Chelsea boots when I saw the Blundstone #1672. But there they were: the perfect addition to a travel-ready wardrobe. 

2018-10-23 11.17.36.jpg

My closet is fairly minimal – partly because I don’t have the space, and primarily because I want to focus on slow fashion and buying high quality, long-lasting, and sustainably-made pieces. Blundstone may not be top of mind when it comes to “sustainable fashion” (leather and rubber?) but they are publicly committed to conforming to and exceeding standards on sustainability and sourcing. The Tasmanian brand has a cult following among those who are on their feet outside and a reputation for making durable, comfortable footwear. Personally, I believe the most sustainable decision one can make is simply not purchasing anything (which makes me a terrible retail salesperson). But if I do decide to purchase, I try to make sure I’m buying something well-made that will let me go without making another purchase for a long while. Blundstones make that happen. 

I also keep a streamlined wardrobe to make travel packing simpler. Despite the fact that I prefer to use a packing planner to maximize suitcase efficiency, the number of times I’ve literally reached into my closet and thrown things in a bag is genuinely embarrassing at this point. These boots make all of that a lot easier, no matter where you’re headed. Since the #1672 came into my life two years ago, they have been to countless national, state, and municipal parks, deep into BLM land, to Iceland and Germany, and earned their battle scars on a motorcycle trip across the Mojave desert. When I went to Europe last autumn, these were literally the only shoe I brought with me – they hiked in sheep pastures, scrambled across ancient lava fields, and even attended a funeral. The traditional Blundstone “antique taupe” finish took all of that in stride and looks even better now than when they started. They’re easy off-and-on in airport security lines and, even with the slight heel, they can handle a light to make your connecting flight. 

And now, for some practicalities: I keep an insole in almost every pair of shoes I own because I’m a sucker for squishy. I would recommend sizing up for these whether or not you are an insole person – mine are a size 37 and I usually take a US 6-6.5.

Stop into Cumberland Transit and try some on for yourself! Your life is about to get a lot easier. Happy travels!

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